Boost Click Through Rate with Abandoned Cart SMS Strategies

Did you know that nearly 70% of shoppers abandon their carts before completing a purchase? This staggering statistic should keep every e-commerce vendor up at night. But don’t worry, there’s a powerful tool in a marketer’s toolkit that often gets forgotten—SMS. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore why abandoned cart SMS messages are essential for boosting click-through rates and provide you with effective strategies to win back customers.

Abandoned Cart SMS Strategies

Why Include SMS in Your Abandoned Cart Strategy

SMS messages have several advantages that make them a valuable addition to your abandoned cart recovery efforts. Firstly, SMS has high open rates, with marketing texts boasting an impressive 82% open rate. Additionally, SMS has a 36% click-through rate, making it a highly engaging channel. Furthermore, customers prefer SMS as a means of communication, with a global survey revealing that it is the second-most preferred channel after email.

Moreover, the majority of e-commerce sales—72.9%—now happen on mobile devices. By leveraging SMS, you can reach customers on the device they prefer to shop on, making it easier for them to return to their abandoned carts.

The Cost Advantage of SMS

Another significant advantage of using SMS for abandoned cart recovery is its cost-effectiveness. While targeting customers who abandoned their carts with ads on platforms like Facebook can be expensive, SMS messages can be sent at a fraction of the cost. The average cost per click for Facebook ads is $1.12, while an SMS can cost as little as $0.0079 per message. By incorporating SMS into your strategy, you can save on advertising costs while still effectively reaching your customers.

Effective SMS Examples and Templates for Abandoned Carts

Crafting compelling SMS messages is crucial for enticing customers to their abandoned carts. The key is to keep the messages short and impactful, offering discounts, creating urgency, and providing support if needed. Here are three effective strategies to improve your abandoned cart recovery:

Strategy 1: Utilize Low Stock Messaging

If a customer has added an item to their cart, it indicates an interest in purchasing it. By leveraging the scarcity principle, you can create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to act quickly. Notify them that the item they added to their cart is in high demand and may soon run out of stock. According to a study, messages sent within an hour of cart abandonment have a 20.3% conversion rate. To increase the chances of success, include the product’s name and a direct link to their cart. Here’s an example of a low-stock abandoned cart SMS template:

“Hey [CUSTOMER NAME], don’t miss out on your chance to grab [ITEM NAME] before it’s gone! Limited stock remaining. Complete your purchase now: [CART LINK]”

Strategy 2: Offer Discount Codes

Discount codes are powerful incentives that can entice customers to return and complete their purchases. Including a discount code in your abandoned cart, SMS can give you an edge over your competitors. Research shows that customers are more likely to purchase if they are offered a discount. However, it’s important not to hand out discount codes too freely. Reserve them for abandoned carts where customers are considering higher-priced items. Here’s an example of a discount code abandoned cart SMS template:

“Hi [Name], you left [product] in your cart. Check out your items today and save up to 15%: [URL]. Reply ‘stop’ to opt-out.”

Strategy 3: Provide Customer Support

Building trust with customers is crucial for conversions, especially for complex or high-value products. By offering customer support in your abandoned cart SMS, you can address any concerns or questions customers may have. This personalized approach can help them feel more confident in their purchase decision. Here’s an example of a customer support abandoned cart SMS template:

“Hey [CUSTOMER NAME], we noticed you left [ITEM NAME] in your cart. If you need help with sizing, shipping, or anything else, simply reply here. Our team is available! 🙏”

By leveraging these effective SMS strategies, you can significantly increase your chances of recovering abandoned carts and boosting click-through rates.

How to Write Abandoned Cart SMS Messages That Convert

Writing effective abandoned cart SMS messages requires careful attention to detail and a focus on the customer’s needs. Here are two important elements to consider when crafting your messages:

Be upfront with your brand identity

Customers should immediately recognize your brand when they receive your SMS. Make it clear that it’s your brand texting them by including your brand name as the sender. Customizing URLs and images to highlight your brand can also help establish brand recognition.

Make the call-to-action stand out

In a crowded inbox, making your abandoned cart SMS stand out is essential. Avoid generic CTAs like “buy now” or “come back.” Instead, add your brand’s unique spin to the message’s CTA. Depending on your tone of voice, you can use humor or even an image to grab the customer’s attention and encourage them to return to their abandoned cart.

Additionally, personalization is key to engaging customers. Incorporate personalization touches like adding the customer’s name or including an image of the product they left in their cart to jog their memory and create a more personalized shopping experience.

Lastly, creating a sense of urgency can significantly impact conversion rates. Mentioning limited stock availability or a soon-to-expire offer can motivate customers to take immediate action. Here’s an example of an SMS that combines personalization, product placement, and urgency to drive conversions:

“Hey [CUSTOMER NAME], we noticed you left [ITEM NAME] in your cart. Don’t miss out! Get 10% off and free shipping when you complete your purchase within the next 3 days. [URL]”

By following these best practices, you can craft compelling abandoned cart SMS messages that convert.

Sending Abandoned Cart Text Messages

To maximize the effectiveness of your abandoned cart SMS strategy, it’s essential to automate the process. Sending SMS messages shortly after customers abandon their carts ensures that your products are still fresh in their minds. Additionally, by capitalizing on their emotions and leveraging FOMO (fear of missing out), you can prompt them to return to their abandoned carts.

One effective way to handle abandoned cart SMS is to incorporate them into existing automation workflows. You can either add SMS to a standard cart abandonment sequence or use conditional splits based on the device the customer used to visit your store. For example, if a customer was shopping on their iPhone, they would receive abandoned cart text messages, while those on a laptop would receive abandoned cart emails.

Automating your abandoned cart SMS using a platform like Sendlane can streamline your workflow and improve your chances of recovering abandoned carts. With features like a two-way reply center, you can connect with customers in real time and address any concerns or objections on the spot.

Cart Abandonment SMS FAQs

As you implement your abandoned cart SMS strategy, you may have some questions. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about cart abandonment SMS:

Q: How soon should I send an abandoned cart SMS?

A: Sending a message within an hour of cart abandonment has been shown to have a 20.3% conversion rate. Aim to reach customers while the product is still fresh in their minds to maximize your chances of success.

Q: How many abandoned cart SMS messages should I send?

A: It’s important to strike a balance between reminding customers and avoiding overwhelming them. A good rule of thumb is to send three messages spaced out over a few days. This frequency allows you to stay on your customers’ radar without becoming intrusive.

Q: Should I include an opt-out option in my SMS messages?

A: Yes, providing an opt-out option is crucial for respecting customer preferences and building trust. Include a simple opt-out message at the end of your abandoned cart SMS, such as “Reply STOP to unsubscribe.”

Q: What are the compliance requirements for sending abandoned cart SMS?

A: If you’re sending cart reminders to customers in the United States, carriers require that you only send one SMS message per unique abandoned cart. Additionally, you must send the message within 48 hours of the abandonment.


In conclusion, abandoned cart SMS messages are a powerful tool for boosting click-through rates and recovering lost sales. By crafting compelling messages, utilizing personalization and urgency, and automating your strategy, you can significantly increase your chances of converting abandoned carts into completed purchases. Implement these strategies and watch your revenue soar as you win back customers and drive higher click-through rates.